Cargo Handling Services

Skyway Aviation Handling Company Plc (SAHCO ) serves as a major gateway to import and export in the Nigerian Aviation Sector, ensuring that cargo, courier and mails are properly handled, managed and warehoused in its custom bonded warehouse, pending the due process of clearing.

SAHCOL provides bonded import, courier and export warehousing services in lagos, Port Harcourt, Kano and Abuja.

SAHCOL operates a fully automated cargo warehouse, which ranks with the best anywhere in the world.

Our Cargo handling service is famed for an impressive record of consistent efficiency, as tons of freight are handled daily, with operational ease.

Courier Handling

SAHCOL's courier handling experience spans years, while accepting, screening, loading, unloading, delivering courier and mails for frieght airlines; as well as transit reception for various Cargo Consolidators with designate consignments to Nigeria. We are always on ground to ensure that our clients are satisfied and our relationship with them remains cordial.

Guaranteed Customer Satisfaction in Cargo Handling

SAHCOL operates at various dedicated and shared Cargo terminals across major Nigerian airports. All Cargo equipments needed for loading, offloading, screening and safe cargo handling are available in all our designated airport of operations.

We service all types of cargo Aircrafts (freighters). Our facilities are built up with the best available technology, both equipment and logistic systems. The airfreight import and export markets in Nigeria has been growing rapidly through the years and SAHCO's role as a Ground Service Provider is to meet that demand with enough warehouse space and employ the best technology available.

SAHCO Cargo handling services cover all general cargo and warehousing services including:


  • Warehousing
  • Cargo processing
  • Palletization/build-up and bulk break
  • Cargo documentation
  • Liason with customs
  • Issuing of airway bills
  • Freezing and cooling facilities for perishables